Asura’s Wrath lets us see what wrath really looks like

“What the… ?”

That’s exactly what I said when I first saw the new video for Asura’s Wrath above. First showing a slow moving monk-like figure, the scene cuts away to the standard publisher/developer bragging, then back to the now super speedy quite-possibly-not-a-monk guy. Rushing through a row of enemies, picking a few up along the way and going all Incredible Hulk helicopter smash on their faces, Mr. No-way-he’s-a-monk even catches a sword in his hands before taking on a few dozen giant Buddha.

Nothing but action is shown of the game. All of what we do know comes from TGS last year; a striken down god is stripped of his power and sets off in search of revenge. Before everyone writes this off as a God of War clone, the developers want to stress that this game will have a continuous dramatic narrative, akin to a TV series with the hopes that players will be on the edge of their seats, wanting to know what happens next. See? Totally different from Kratos and… oh, wait.

No matter which side of the Kratos loving fence you might be on, the video really is worth a watch. Want more? Check out the game’s updated image gallery here.