Shift 2 Unleashed gets a limited edition trailer

After being dated for late March worldwide, EA’s Shift 2 Unleashed has been freshly minted with limited edition details. Check the trailer above for the moving pictures.

If you prefer the written word, here you go…the limited edition of Shift 2: Unleashed is available only through pre-order and it will sport three exclusive cars – the Alfa Romero Giulietta QV, Nissan Silva Spec.R Aero (S15) and a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.

The limited edition will also offer an additional 40 exclusive events. Two events include “Old vs. New” challenges where classic cars are pitted against their modern selves and “Manufacturer Battles” which showcase “the most iconic car rivalries in an all-out battle.”

Pre-orders can be had now either direct from the EA Store online or at your friendly neighborhood videogame store.