The MMO Round-Up / Jan 23

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

According to Bethesda, they own the rights to all things Fallout including the rights to the MMO.

Masthead released a new cinematic trailer for its sci-fi MMO Earthrise.

The MMO Wakfu being published by Square Enix is going into closed beta January 31.

Browser-based MMO Ministry of War got an update this week adding in a 50 level battle instance.

The upcoming Everquest II: Destiny of the Velious got trailerized.

ArenaNet confirmed the Guardian profession for Guild Wars 2 with a subtle screenshot.

Paradox’s free-to-play MMO Salem will feature a punishing permanent death feature. Yikes!

There is apparently a political MMO in the works called Empire & State. Very interesting.

According to iPhone developer Rocketcat Games, MMOs don’t have much of a future.

In an interesting whirlwind of a week for StarCraft II modder Ryan Winzen, he got: Shut down by Blizzard, received a job offer from Riot Games and then subsequently invited to Blizzard’s HQ, all for working on World of StarCraft mod.

The Aion incremental patch makes some needed tweaks to the game’s crafting difficultly.

The Blood Lord landed in Vindictus this week and seemingly loves American football.

The recent Black Prophecy trailer showed off some of the game’s voice-over work.

The latest dev blog for Alganon revealed that the game is getting an upgrade in the way of character models.

The now free-to-play Pirates of the Burning Sea hit its three year anniversary.

DC Universe Online had to add servers this past week in order to keep up with the game’s demand, which is a good sign.

En Masse discussed the westernization of their upcoming MMO TERA.

The 2.1.2 patch for Age of Conan went live and has a sizable list of changes.

City of Heroes has been around for seven years and now has a couple competitors in the superhero MMO space.