PSP2 “as powerful as the PS3” confirms Codemasters CEO

There’s been a lot of news about the poorly-kept-secret that is the PSP2, with leaks and specs and even some (supposed) images floating around, as well as a rumor that the system could be as powerful as the PS3. Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens sat down with Eurogamer at the Nintendo 3DS event in Amsterdam last week and basically confirmed that the last rumor is indeed true.

“In portable areas, you’re going to have statements, which are already out in the press, saying PlayStation Portable 2 is as powerful as the PS3 – which is true,” Cousens said, “[which means] you’re going to get mobile devices as powerful as what were considered notebooks. I just think it gets bigger.” This could mean a whole wealth of things that probably won’t become too clear until its official announcement, which could come later this week in Japan.