PSP2 to have 3G support, says Japanese newspaper

The PSP2 is already hotly anticipated and this news will do nothing to dispel the hype. That’s because Japanese newspaper Nikkei is reporting that PSP2 will have 3G support, allowing users to play online as well as download software wherever Japanese wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo has service. There’s no word yet on which carrier Sony would team up with in other territories.

Nikkei also says that the PSP2 will sport a “larger than normal” OLED touch screen to enhance the portable gaming experience. On the supposed PlayStation Phone, Nikkei says there will be button-based controls, which of course is a significant difference from Androids and the iPhone.

How accurate are Nikkei’s reports? We may find out as soon as this Thursday if rumors of an official PSP2 announcement are true.