UK Consumer Group set sights on Black Ops’ “unfinished” PS3/PC versions

Gamers’ Voice, a UK consumer’s group is going after Call of Duty: Black Ops in a bid to fix the numerous bugs found in the PS3 and PC versions of the game.

Black Ops has reportedly been having issues with online play ever since its November 2010 release. Gamers’ Voice doesn’t find this acceptable as they state on their site: “Clearly, CODBLOPS was the one of the biggest, if not the biggest release of last year [it was the biggest], which obviously leads to more people playing and more chances for bugs to be found. Our view is that it doesn’t matter how big a game is, it should not be released ‘unfinished’ or with bugs that make the game unplayable,”

Is it just me or is it hard to take any statement including the term “CODBLOPS” seriously? “Problems arrise [sic] when, in the case with CODBLOPS, entire sections of the PS3 and PC gaming community are apparently being used as game testers for an extended period after a game’s release, yet being asked to pay for the privilege. This is not a tenable way to treat us as consumers of video games and it will not be tolerated.”

Gamers’ Voice clearly has the people in mind; what else would you expect from the country that the country Braveheart was set in is a part of?