Disney Interactive puts popular devs at risk with mass layoffs, goes digital

From the mouth of Mickey Mouse:  “As part of setting a strategic direction for future success in the digital media space, the Disney Interactive Media Group today began a restructuring process.” Following the irregular sales (not even a dent in the UK, but 1+ million in the US) of Epic Mickey, cancelling Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, and terminating its developer Propaganda Games, Disney Interactive have enforced a round of job cuts.

Around 250 jobs have gone in what is just the “first wave” of cuts. The current status of Mickey developer Junction Point is unknown, as well as Black Rock, the team behind the rather awesome Split/Second. Warren Spector himself is said to have a fate separate of that of Junction Point.

Disney Interactive posted massive losses last fiscal year, like ‘$234 million’ massive. To combat this the company has shifted perspective to developing digital games instead of disc-based ones. It’s a move that we’ve seen a lot of publishers and developers take over the past year; will the House of Mouse have any more success with this strategy?