PlayStation Home starts Total Game Intergration with Killzone 3

PlayStation Home has come some way since its launch a few years back, but it’s hardly the essential service that Sony fans dreamed it would be. Ten minutes a month is usually enough to see everything new, maybe 30 if your favorite game is getting a new space.

Maybe, just maybe that will all change with Killzone 3. Sony’s super-shooter is the first of (hopefully) many titles to receive Total Game Integration, a system that allows for exclusive unlocks both within Home and – more excitingly – the games themselves. In the case of Killzone 3, the Home central plaza will be transformed into a Helghan battlefield come January 27th. You’ll be able to play a bunch of Killzone-themed mini-games and even pre-order the game itself.

Complete the mini-games and you’ll grab Unlock Points which can get you news weapons and perks in the real game’s online mode.

That’ll give you a good head start for when Killzone 3 launches in February.