Resistance novel to bridge the gap between second and third games

Insomniac have got some s’plaining to do; what we’ve seen of Resistance 3 so far gives little in the way of answers regarding Resistance 2‘s cliffhanger ending. There’s a four-year gap in between the two games, and so Insomniac have enlisted the help of William C Dietz to write a novel telling us what happened during this time.

Titled Resistance: A Hole in the Sky, the novel follows Resistance 3‘s hero, Joseph Capelli right up until the very start of the game. That means we’ll probably find out how Capelli met (and married) Nathan Hale’s sister, oh and of course why the whole world has turned into a snowy wasteland.

It’s set to launch in the Summer, surely before 3‘s September release. Sounds like essential reading for franchise fans.