Crytek explains Crysis 2 demo

Unless you’re shooting the limbs off of necromorphs in Dead Space 2 or the balls off of mutants in the Bulletstorm demo, chances are you might be one of those humans trying to be something, inhuman. With the help of a wormy-looking, bad-ass nanosuit. In New York. Of course. Chances also are that you, unfamiliar with this high-tech piece of virtual equipment, can’t pull off the alien-like moves at your disposal, like running and jumping and sliding and climbing, etc. Also, there’s the matter of doing all that in a physically inhumane fashion while boosting invisibility and stomping your enemy’s face but, just how cool is that, really?

We’re talking about the multiplayer-only Crysis 2 demo that’s been unleashed upon Xbox Live, which you might be able to take a healthy advantage of should you be able to spare four minutes of your time watching the thorough walkthrough narrated in the trailer embedded above.

Crysis 2 is scheduled for a March 22nd and 25th release in North America and Europe, respectively, on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.