Crytek CEO: “We definitely want to make Crysis 3”

Fans of Crysis may have more than just the March arrival of Crysis 2 to look forward to. Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli reveals to CVG that if Crysis 2 is successful a third installment could be in the cards, and it’s something that’s already been plotted out.

“We definitely want to make Crysis 3,” states Yerli. “I’m not making a formal announcement. We’d like to make Crysis 3 but the second game needs to be successful first. I will mention that there is a plan for how the fiction of Crysis should roll out, but again, it depends on the success of Crysis 2.”

He’s reiterates, “if it doesn’t meet our goals for whatever reason and doesn’t even break even then there may not be a Crysis 3. But if it sells anywhere near what Black Ops has, there may be more from Crysis.”

Crytek has said that there’s “no reason it can’t be as big” as CoD, and EA has called it “another 90-rated game.” Time will only tell, but Crytek is confident for good reason.The multiplayer demo looked strong when we tested it out. Plus, along with PC, Crysis 2 makes its debut on PS3 and Xbox 360, exposing the brand to a much wider buying audience.