Analyst: Dead Space 2 “significantly outselling” the original

In 2008, the horror genre was resurrected by Visceral’s Dead Space. In a world where the disgusting had become the standard, Dead Space brought the one thing missing that actually scared the crap out of people; ambiance. The character, the atmosphere of any given place and the build up of any given situation featured in Dead Space was exactly the breath of fresh air the genre so badly needed. And even though the game failed to meet EA’s expectations, which is what Isaac might be bummed about in the picture above, it found its way into enough people’s hearts to warrant a sequel.

Dead Space 2 is out and according to Metacritic, it’s already doing better than the original (by a foot), something we don’t often get to experience in this business. And according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia, the sequel is “significantly outselling” its prequel as well, which will probably lead to Dead Space 3 eventually, which of course is something we would all appreciate.

The actual numbers aren’t out yet but after predictions like these, we can’t wait to see them.