Exclusive cars for Shift 2 players that own Hot Pursuit, Autolog advances

Autolog is making a return for Shift 2: Unleashed. Having recieved critical praise for its inclusion in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the social application is getting an upgrade for Slightly Mad Studios’ racer, going beyond comparing track times with friends.

This time around you’ll be able to compare times for specific segments of tracks too, meaning you’ll be able to completely fine tune your lap to claim victory over your chums. Producer Jesse Abney has confirmed that Autolog is now part of Need for Speed‘s DNA, thus will appear in every title in the franchise going forward.

Hot Pursuit players have a little bonus in store too; using the same account you used for Criterion’s title earns you the Pagani Cinque Roadster racer and Lamborghini Reventon police car. All the more reason to pick up Shift 2 later in the year.