No promises for NGP worldwide release in 2011

Sony said that their Next Generation Portable device would be released in the holiday season of 2011 during its reveal earlier in the week. Admittedly, hoping that meant a worldwide launch was wishful thinking, which SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton has confirmed.

“I know [our launch date] is rather ambiguous, and that’s for a reason,” Tretton told Engadget. “I think our goal is always to launch holidays when the majority of sales are done. You want to have a worldwide simultaneous launch.”

The PS3 failed to launch wordwide, getting delayed in Europe just weeks before launch. Will this be the same for NGP? “Having said that, this’ll be our sixth platform launch, and it’s very difficult to have the quantities to be able to launch on a worldwide basis on the same date. So while that’s the goal, the reality might be something different. I think our goal is, we would get at least one territory out by the end of holiday 2011.”

He also spoke about the elusive price point, explaining that he feels consumers find money for products they feel are worth it, despite high price: “I think the more recent example of that was Kinect. I didn’t think people would go out and spend $150 for that device and they did – and that’s a peripheral at the end of the day. So I think if the quality’s there, then the people will find a way to buy it, within reason.”

And how does that translate to the NGP’s launch? “So I think we certainly got people’s attention with the technology. They can see the quality, they can see the value there. It’s a question of whether we can bring it in at a price that compels them to want and go out and buy it. That’s the goal.”

Makes sense; again, hoping for a low price seems wishful thinking at this point.