Homefront reveals PC specific features

Homefront will be available on both 360 and PS3 when it releases later in the year but that doesn’t mean the PC version is going to suffer. Kaos Studios and Digital Extremes, the developers behind the PC version, have included a bunch of extra gameplay tweaks to make sure this version of the game works perfectly on the platform. They recently revealed said tweaks on the game’s official site.

These mostly mean additional control options for vehicles, including a first-person cockpit view and three modes of control for helicopters. There’s also a new practice mode for players to get to grips with each and every vehicle. Multiplayer management has also been made easier through clan support, match recording and support for dedicated servers.

Sadly they also confirmed that there will be no demo or beta for the game. Given that the teams have put so much thought into this specific edition of the game though, we don’t mind.