Sony reaches for the sky, makes it to the clouds

Sony informed developers recently that the PlayStation 3 will soon have the ability to save  games in cloud storage according to Kotaku. Under this system, the PS3 will save game data on the console hard drive as it did before, but also offer the option of upload to remote servers.

The rub lies in its availability. Only subscribers to PSN Plus will be able to make use of this new feature. You’ll have to pay to…um…save. Also, whether this feature will be offered from title to title will be left in the hands of developers. But those two factors aside, this is a step in the right direction to ease the issue of when and where one can play.

Ah, the history of saving of the Video Game (Part I). Gone are the days of walking up hill, in the snow, both ways, with your Nintendo Entertainment System to your friends house so you can play a rousing game of Duck Tales. Distant are the times when the decision came between a N64 controller memory pack and a Rumble Pak (not much of a decision). Mostly forgotten are the playthroughs of the first disc of FFVIII to discover upon loading your game one more time that the data has been irreparably corrupted.

Barring mostly pointless digressions, be on the lookout for this new feature touted as “Online Saving” being added as part of the 3.60 update to the PS3 firmware.

Please join us next week for The History of Saving the Video Game Part II: WTF do you mean by “To play this disc, put in an Xbox 360 console”?!