Demon’s Souls successor named Dark Souls, but it’s still not a real sequel

Project Dark was announced back at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, turning heads and rasing eyebrows with the promise of the next game from the Demon’s Souls team. Since then the game has gone dark (pun intended), but Japanese mag Famitsu has shed a little light on it this week.

The game’s official title is now Dark Souls, and it will be available on PS3 and 360 everywhere outside of Japan, where it’s just on PS3. The game is a “spiritual” sequel to Demon’s Souls, keeping the RPG gameplay with levelling and character creation but introducing a seamless world that allows for long-distance travel. There’s also apparently the promise of added difficulty… which is really not needed when looking back at the last game.

Online will bring back Demon’s Souls unique features of persistent play, allowing you to play with or against other fans, but the game won’t have its own servers so some features will be missing.

Outside of Japan, Namco Bandai will publish the project. Hopefully they’ll reveal more on the game soon.