Dragon Age II DRM explained

Following some unrest over Dragon Age II‘s use of DRM, BioWare has taken to its forums to clear things a few things up. As outlined by community manager Chris Priestly, the console and Steam versions use their own DRM as always. Any non-Steam PC version, however, including any copy purchased from retail and the EA Store, is a bit different.

These versions of the fantasy sequel can be installed on an unlimited number of machines but only played on 5 different systems in a 24-hour window, which we’d say is still mighty generous. The game can also be played offline, though, and this is the most inconvenient aspect of the approach, going online for a login check every now and then (frequency will be clarified closer to launch) is a requirement. Having a disc in the tray while playing, however, is not.

The login checks are said to be “light” though and shouldn’t take much time at all even with a lowly dial-up connection.

In addition, those who manage to snag an early copy are out of luck; the included Release Control won’t allow the game to activate prior to the official release dates. Sad face.

The game’s out in March; the 8th in North America, 11th in Europe.