First look at Anarchy Reigns gameplay is ice cold

Another trailer showcasing a glimpse of Anarchy Reigns (titled Max Anarchy in Japan) has dribbled out. Platinum Games lets us in on actual gameplay for the first time, following last week’s character montage. Watch as the Ice Queen known as Sasha uses various wintry weapons to freeze and shatter her foes. You’ll notice that she’s also sporting some of the painted-on fashion one would expect from the team behind Bayonetta.

The game will also feature Jack from MadWorld. Producer Atsushi Inaba has said that the melee fighting game will feature a “large number” of people fighting at one time, so expect to see more characters and gameplay revealed in similar fashion as this one.

There’s no official date yet, but Anarchy Reigns is set to be released in the fall for PS3 and Xbox 360.