Halo Kinect project under way?

According to Whois records, Microsoft has registered the domain kinecthalo.com, fueling the rumors that a release of a motion-controlled Halo game would be in the company’s future plans. Since Bungie’s departure from the franchise, its current developer, 343 Industries, has been reported working on a “new high-profile Halo experience” and a possible HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved.

While Kinect has been a massive success since launch, and Halo being… well, Halo, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft would do something like this, especially after the news of Gears of War: Exile, which is yet another high-profiled franchise within Microsoft’s realm rumored to get the Kinect treatment. The question is, how will they fare if released? Is the tech mature enough to handle these franchises?

About the author: Sebastian Nordlund


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