SEGA Rally Online Arcade announced from… SEGA

When they’re not making games for a small blue hedgehog, SEGA have been known to put out some pretty decent rally games. Their SEGA Rally series has proved popular over the years and now they’re hoping to have similar success with a downloadable entry, SEGA Rally Online Arcade.

Okay so it sounds like they just strung a bunch of random words together but it does all mean something, as Haruki Satomi, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA revealed: “We’ve blended our hit arcade racing series with the best elements from the console versions to bring our fans the SEGA Rally experience in compact, downloadable format. Whether they’re new to the SEGA Rally series or they’ve participated in countless races over the years, we’re confident everyone will enjoy the wide variety of features included in this fan favorite.”

6-player online should prove to be a laugh, and there are 13 different vehicles to chose from. It’s set to hit PSN/XBLA later in the year. Check out the first shots in the gallery here.