Bulletstorm goes gold, tosses out most Gears 3 unlocks

Fans of fast paced shooters with a funny bone and multiple ways to terminate an enemy are having a bittersweet celebration today. Sweet because Bulletstorm has finally gone gold and is still firmly on track for launch next month. The bitterness, however,  is there due to the announcement that buying the game won’t change anything in Gears of War 3. Nor will other non-Gears Epic games.

Plans to reward the Epic faithful with unlocks within Gears of War 3 have, apparently, fallen through. Joe Graf, lead gameplay programmer, has recently said via his Twitter account that the planned unlocks just couldn’t become a reality. The Xbox Live servers do not allow for the type of required data to be read due to the other Epic games – Bulletstorm, Shadow Complex, and Unreal Tournament 3 – being “outside [our] publisher/dev family.”

Graf does continue, reassuring of the ability to reward previous Gears players because the team is able to view the appropriate data connected to those games. Describing the issue as a “tech problem caused by biz,” he mentions of a possible workaround for those who get into the Gears of War 3 beta by purchasing Bulletstorm and want some recognition, as the team can “still reward that.”