DC Universe reveals its first wave of new content

Sony Online Entertainment are making good on their promise to deliver new content for DC Universe Online on a monthly basis; the developer has revealed a whole host of new missions, instances, and gear hitting in Feburary.

Story-wise we’re getting a new Catwoman mission for level 30 players. It revolves around one of the Bat-baddy’s heists leading to… people turning into lions and tigers. Sounds like she really messes up. On top of this there’s Catwoman-themed gear, races, and she’ll become available for Legends PvP battles.

Then there’s a new Duo instance as well as a new Raid. PvP zones in Gotham will be expanded and an auction house will open in both factor’s safe houses, meaning players can trade gear.

Valentine’s Day will be having an impact too; a 100-player instance where players are turned into cherubs will appear too.

Plenty of reason to keep with DCUO in Feb, then. Need more reasons? Check our review.