Two Worlds II UK launch pushed back a week, again

No, we didn’t accidentally post the same news twice; Two Worlds II really has been pushed back yet again after yesterday’s delay.

TopWare managing director James Seaman broke news that a shipment of Collector’s Editions of the game coming from China arrived “wrecked”.

“We just received the container from China with the Collector’s Edition and other components and they are wrecked,” he said. “Several components were just a total wreck and unacceptable for us to give out to our fans. We are printing some of these in Europe now and the boxes are being air freighted from China.”

So when is it coming now? “Officially, launch is the 25th, and this is final. I cannot believe this but it is really happening!”

Look for Two Worlds II late(r) in the month, then. Or win it from us.