NGP “in for the long haul” says Sony boss

Sony is expecting their newly-revealed Next Generation Portable to have a life cycle similar to that of the PS2 and PS3. Company boss Kazuo Hirai has stated that the new product is ‘in for the long haul’, fully expecting it to maintain popularity over the next four to five years.

“I think that whether it’s a home-based console like the PS2 or PS3, or a portable console like the NGP, it’s very important that we have a very stable platform that is in for the long haul,” Hirai said.

“And that means that we’re providing very compelling value to the consumer, in that once they invest in our products it doesn’t go by the wayside in two years or three years, but they’re able to really enjoy that particular console for a very long time.”

NGP isn’t set to release until the end of the year, but we’ve already seen some impressive titles that give the device legs.