Third Two Worlds II dev diary talks up multiplayer

It’s completely possible you already bought TopWare’s action RPG Two Worlds II for the PS3 or Xbox 360. But it’s also possible you didn’t, or live in the States and are holding out for the PC version coming out on the 28th of the month. In those cases, this third developer diary on the game gives a pretty thorough glimpse at the multiplayer to add hype or try and sell you on it. Creative Director / Project Manager Scott Cromie walks through and describes the game’s Adventure mode, which offers a story separate of the single-player campaign, Village mode where players work toward building and maintaining a village and its economy, and of course some good old fashioned PVP. Cromie also sounds adamant in pointing out that they listened to fans’ qualms with the first game’s online mode, and feel they’ve done their community a solid with the sequel. Like any RPG worth its salt, it has the potential for many hours of play, and it’s possible you’re already spending some time with it. Now it’s possible you’re watching a video and getting intrigued.