Angry Birds headed to 3DS, optional Kinect support on Xbox 360

While not the official announcement we have been waiting on, with rumored appearances on PS3, Xbox 360, Windows 7, and Wii,  the Rovio Mobile Twitter account has confirmed Angry Birds to be landing on at least two of Nintendo’s consoles. The simple pick up and play game, pitting the birds against those thieving pigs, is said to be arriving on “Wii and 3DS later in the year.” Rovio Mobile continues, being non-committal as to whether the 3DS version will use the stylus or analog stick with a vague “we’ll see…”

In other irritated fowl news, the Rovio Mobile folks also tease fans regarding upcoming console versions of Angry Birds. When told a user wished the Xbox 360 version to include Kinect support, the developer replied: “you might just get what you ask for…” Shortly thereafter bringing the tease into very real possibility, clarifying that “The Kinect option is optional!!”