Back to the Future PS3 release date confirmed

There seems to be a trend with reviving films from the 1980’s recently and that hasn’t shown sign of stopping soon with the release of a Back To The Future game. No, it’s not like those terrible film tie-ins that pushed the boundaries of awful gameplay, this time it’s continuing the story from the movie.

Telltale Games already released the first chapter of a planned five part episodic game series last Christmas for the PC and now it looks like the PS3 will be getting its own Delorean to play with. The time coordinates have been set for February 15, 2011 (just four years before we all get hover boards and the like) with Telltale charging US PS3 owners $19.99 for access to all five episodes as they get released.

A new episode is set for release each month, all featuring voice over Christopher Lloyd, as well as being created by Back to the Future co-writer Bob Gale. No news about an Xbox 360 release yet, but iPad owners can be expected to be playing this later in the month. Great Scott!