Sony counterattacking PS3 piracy issues

In an attempt to fight piracy, Sony will be introducing a serial code system reminiscent of that on PC, a system that’ll ultimately hinder people from literally stealing a game. That’s according to a dutch website which claims a “very reliable source” has confirmed this and that a similar system is already being used on the PlayStation Network but is actually “hidden.” Sneaky.

Each game to be shipped in the future will carry a unique code which will have to be input into the system by the player for the game to actually work. The code can only be used up to five times, after which it will be rendered useless.

Truth be told, this move comes as no surprise. Ever since the online publication of the PlayStation 3’s root keys – which would let developers and pirates alike sign unauthorized code as true and genuine Sony software – it was only a matter of time before the company came up with any kind of countermeasure. And while the system would also diminish the amount of games being traded in at retail, the question is whether or not it’ll actually hold up in the long run.