BIT.TRIP dev concerned about an “out of control” indie scene

Ever since the “arcade” was [re]introduced to the current generation of consoles and PC, indie games have flourished in an unstoppable manner. We’ve seen disasters fall into oblivion as successes rise to the sky and whether a game’s nature is one of evil or one of good, BIT.TRIP developer Gaijin Games’ Alex Neuse is concerned the indie scene is overgrowing to the point where it’s “out of control.”

“I think that the indie scene is out of control,” said Neuse in an interview. “There are so many games being made, it’s hard to keep track of them all.” He added that “this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but… I find it hard to set aside the time to give these games the play time they deserve.”

Neuse also expressed he was “sick of playing half-done games that are riddled with bugs” and that he’s hoping to “see more games actually get finished and make it to market.”