I Am Alive to go digital-only? Nope, just a “joke”

To quote the great Krusty the Clown: “It’s a joke. When you make that face, it’s a joke.” Ubisoft has gone on record to state that recent reports from JeuxVideo regarding I Am Alive‘s digital-only status were, in fact, a “joke”, and that there is “nothing official to announce at this time”.

The ruse was reported on Warpzone, a program on the French site where a source says they received the information from Jade Raymond, the Managing Director of Ubisoft Montreal. Of course, that was a bold-faced lie. “Obviously, anyone who has watched Warpzone immediately understood it was an unimportant joke,” JeuxVideo explained rather condescendingly today. The action game, where your character must try and escape disaster by scrambling to survive, is a wonderful metaphor for this news piece.