Galactus confirmed as the final boss of Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Capcom continues their tradition of creating ridiculously over-the-top bosses to match their over-the-top games by  introducing Marvel’s Galactus as the final boss of Marvel vs. Capcom 3‘s arcade mode.

The showdown seems to consist of two parts: first Galactus sends out clones of Wesker, Dormammu, and other villains to fight the player at the same time (a la Street Fighter Alpha 2 style). Then comes the fight with Galactus himself, which should be familiar territory for old Vs. veterans, as the giant purple man uses finger flicks, laser beams, hand claps–practically everything Super Smash Bros.‘s Master Hand had at his disposal–to deal with his opponents.

Look forward to fighting Galactus and the rest of his cronies when Marvel vs. Capcom 3 drops February 15th.