Demon’s Souls spiritual successor, Dark Souls, gets first trailer

Dark Souls, developer FromSoftware’s followup to the brutally, brilliantly challenging Demon’s Souls, is looking appropriately life-threatening in this first gameplay trailer.

Let’s see, have we got fire-breathing dragons? Check. Gigantic murderous crows? Check. Armor plated warthogs? Check. Lava spewing hyenas? Check. The list keeps on going, as you will see when you watch the trailer, which features the moody environments, terrifying beasties and somber music that have so quickly become staples of the series. Personally, they needn’t have gone through all the trouble – they had me at dragons. Good thing too, because that half Japanese spider crab / half Sports Illustrated swimsuit model monstrosity partially glimpsed near the end of the trailer would have been a dealbreaker if I weren’t already so in love with FromSoftware’s punishing blend of exploration and evisceration. I’m looking forward to dying, a lot.