Moon, Black Swan composer working on Mass Effect 3 soundtrack

It’s always nice when we hear that gifted film composers are going to be lending their talents to a videogame, but learning that Clint Mansell will be working with BioWare to compose a soundtrack for Mass Effect 3 is something else. Mansell, as many know, has created some of the best movie soundtracks around, including work on one of the greatest sci-fi movies of recent memory, Moon. Fitting, then, that he should be put to work on one of the best sci-fi games in recent memory too.

Mansell spoke a little about his new project to Badass Digest, saying: “As I was saying about Public Enemy and re-working old hip-hop tunes for Requiem, and kind of re-working old ballet tunes for Black Swan, with something like Mass Effect you’re more like a DJ, with all these elements. You’ve got the holding pattern, then the big explosion where you need the score to kick in. Then you need to take it off on a tangent. You’ve got all these different elements that change depending on what the player does. You have to figure out an overall symphony, but be able to break it down into component parts. You can bring the pain when required.”

Just another reason to look forward to Mass Effect 3‘s release at the end of the year.