Raven’s rumored Bond title possibly not a movie tie-in

Speculations have it that Raven Software could possibly be in charge of doing the next adaptation of the upcoming, 23rd James Bond movie. That’s according to a certain LinkedIn profile of a “Mike G,” positioning himself as “creative director [on] unreleased international movie license action/adventure game at Raven Software,” who also points out he’s “involved at highest levels of game design for an unreleased high-profile movie-license action/adventure game using the Unreal 3 engine.”

However, the almost two year development progress of the unmentioned title just doesn’t add up if it’s in fact a Bond game based on the upcoming film. It could be a standalone game just like James Bond 007: Blood Stone was. In fact, it might be unrelated to the Bond franchise altogether.

Whatever it may be, it fuels the fire and we hope to learn about it soon, and hope it won’t clash with the developer’s other rumored project, the “realistic military FPS.”