Activision’s new toy line-up is Spyro, announces new game to go with

Activision stirred up the speculation a few days back when they announced a new game that would be backed up by a range of toys for kids. Today that game has been revealed; a Spyro reboot with a twist titled Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.

The toys for the game aren’t simple merchandise; much like the PS3 game, The Eye of Judgement, you’ll be able to register the toys with your system and then use the characters in the game. Each toy will also remember any upgrades it earned in-game and take it with them when transferred to a different system. There’ll be apps and web browser games that also support the features. Activision has hired top-Hollywood talent like Shrek character designer Tom Hester to come up with 31 action figures to use in the game.

Activison’s CEO Eric Hishberg explained: “These are toys with brains the imagination that toys have always unleashed with kids, and the imaginary world of a video game. It’s got a whole universe of characters and an incredible backstory and a number of different ways to interact with it. Usually franchises take years to develop the kind of universe that we will have Day 1.”

Each character has different abilities to use in the game. Scanning two toys allows for two player co-op. It’s also confirmed that this is not the same Spyro we’ve seen before, although it’s still a small purple dragon so who really cares? A $70 starter pack comes with the game (no specific platforms announced) three toys, a portal to transfer to toys into the game, and a set of trading cards.

“We definitely wanted to take Spyro to next level,” Hirshberg said. “But when you see the lineup of toys together, you will understand this has gone way beyond Spyro. This has become an ensemble cast.”

Two days ago Activision was the publisher of three of the most well-known franchises in gaming (Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and Tony Hawk). Now they’ve dropped two of those and are developing a range of toys; crazy how this business works, huh?