EA already talking Dead Space 3

Okay, so EA isn’t talking about Dead Space 3 so much as making brief mention of it in a larger discussion about their stable of  “strong, growing franchises,” but the publisher’s boss confirmed it’s but one Sprawl-spanning kill fest removed from joining the ranks of the company’s other top money makers.

“Right now we’ve got strong, growing franchises including Madden, FIFA, Need for Speed, Medal of Honor and Battlefield,” said CEO John Riccitiello during the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference. “[There’s also] Mass EffectDragon Age… and the one that’s sort of not proven that’s coming later in our fiscal year, Star Wars [The Old Republic].”

“That [list of strong, growing franchises] excludes Dead Space because I think it will probably take Dead Space 3 before we get into that five million unit cadence versus say three, four.”

So, there you go! Though not an official announcement, Riccitiello’s comments pretty much confirm the obvious – that there will indeed be more horrors in store for series protagonist Isaac Clarke, whose newest adventure has already moved twice as many units as the original.