“One of the best games ever made” coming to Xbox 360?

OXM UK has decided to get our pulses racing. In their latest issue, they tease that next month they will feature an article about “one of the best games ever made” being reborn on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the issue has been pushed back by a month following the game publisher’s wishes, so you won’t get the full scoop until OXM Issue 72 (as opposed to next month’s Issue 71) which will be released in April.

So what is the mystery game? The only clue they give is the background of the image appears to be a blueprint of some sort – but of what? Speculations abound, there are a few noteworthy omissions: 1) Nowhere does it state that the game was an original Xbox title, which could rule out the planned Halo: Combat Evolved HD being the big reveal (and it won’t), and 2) It does not specify when the game was released, simply stating “best ever made”, which could mean you could go as far back as Pong, which would probably disappoint a few people.

My money’s on Zork. I’d love to see that outdated white text on a black background updated to HD quality. What say you?