EA “going right at” WoW with Star Wars MMO

Boba Fett’s set a bounty even he might not be able to cash in. EA and BioWare recently held a quasi-conference at The Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, where EA CEO John Riccitiello revealed that he was “once a World of Warcraft player” to what can only be assumed were heavy gasps and fainting. Riccitiello said that while he had great respect for the MMO, he and his crew were “going right at it” with their upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The CEO had great faith in his developer, BioWare: “[They are] probably the highest-rated average developer in the history of games and the history of RPGs – which is a pretty good foundation,” he said, going on to say that “lots of products” have tried to emulate World of Warcraft and have failed, but that wouldn’t be a concern for The Old Republic due to its distinct sci-fi setting (and the strongest brand licensing on the planet probably doesn’t hurt).

As a final jab, Riccitiello mentioned that Star Wars: The Old Republic is the first “talkie” MMO due to its full voice-acting, comparing World of Warcraft to a “silent movie”.