Rare replacing art staff with contract workers

Reports have surfaced that Rare, the UK studio responsible for Kinect Sports, Perfect Dark, and other such lovely titles, has started replacing full-time artist with contracted workers.  It seems that the studio has found a way around a statute in the European Union employment laws requiring companies which layoff 20 or more workers to announce such intentions at least 30 days ahead of time. The studio is said to be lowering its art department staff to 23 full time employees, down from 42; just one shy of the law’s requirement.

The report continues, saying the total number of remaining non-contract employees could be less than the rumored 23, as Rare has offered departing staff “very generous voluntary redundancy packages.” The full time employees who do remain on regular payroll will take up new managerial slots “in name or in fact,” leaving future art work completely to contractual employees.