Rumor: Sony developing PlayStation tablet

Does the world really need another rumored Sony gaming device? With the paint barely dry on PlayStation Phone (Xperia Play) and PSP2 (NGP) confirmations, rumor comes of Sony allegedly working on a PlayStation tablet.

Engadget cites confirmation from “two highly trusted and independent sources” that Sony is developing a PlayStation-certified tablet. Codenamed “S1,” the tablet is said to sport a 9.4-inch screen with 1280 x 800 pixel display, run on Android 3.0 and include an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. It will reportedly be preloaded with PSOne classics and “is 100 percent focused on Qriocity, Sony’s digital service for music, games, eBooks, and videos on demand. Rounding out the mythical bells and whistles are front- and rear-facing cameras, a USB-A port and a Bravia Media Remote.

It’s unclear if PlayStation certification means it’ll be Remote Play or PlayStation Suite enabled. Either way, it’s reasonable to expect Sony to deploy a “re-purchase” model a la Xperia Play.

Sony has reportedly assembled a Voltron-like product team to work on ‘S1,’ spanning VAIO, Sony Reader, PlayStation, and Sony Ericsson groups.

The design is, as “beautiful, the best thing” one Engadget source has ever seen from Sony. The funky “wrap” design resembles a magazine folded back on itself. The look is meant to displace the weight and “reduce the torque” of holding the 10-inch tablet for long periods of time.

Despite the vast amounts of detail, this is still very much a rumor. It’s a long way to September, so count this as the first step in the slow and painful rumor mill death march.