Team 17 founder developing for Sony handhelds

Remember when Team 17 founder Martyn Brown left the company in search of greener pastures? Though the news was somewhat shocking, the story’s not yet over. Brown is now reportedly working with Double Eleven, who is officially commissioned by Sony to develop for their handheld platforms. The developer was founded by former Rockstar Leeds employees who produced mega-hits Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Liberty City Stories and Beatarator for the PSP. It’s highly likely that Brown will be working on titles for Sony’s upcoming next-gen handheld, aptly titled NGP (Next Generation Portable).

“I am incredibly chuffed to assist, advise and help inspire Double Eleven, who are hands-down one of the most exciting, driven and highly capable development teams I’ve had the fortune to meet in years,” declared Brown. “I have absolutely no doubt that Double Eleven will be amongst the UK’s most high-profile and successful development studios within a very short space of time.” Seems like all’s well that ends well, then.