Bulletstorm DLC to add new Anarchy mode and Echo mode maps

Bulletstorm is blowing up Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs around the world this week, but it’s soon to invade the DLC space too.

Developer People Can Fly have announced the Gun Sonata pack, set to launch in Spring. The DLC includes three new maps for Anarchy mode, the game’s cooperative option. You’ll visit the Sewers of Stygia, Hotel Elysium, and the Villa. That last one doesn’t sound so bad.

On top of that there are two new maps for Echoes mode; Crash Site and Guns of Stygia which both offer new objectives to take on. Finally, there’s two new leash enhancements, the Flamingo and the Pulp, that give you new ways to kill with skill.

The pack launches at 800 MS point/£7.99 on PSN. The press release didn’t mention a PC price, nor if the pack would even reach the system.