Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion announced

We figured that after last week’s revelation that there would be big Sins of a Solar Empire news this year, we’d have to wait a little while to find out just what it was. Not so; Stardock has announced Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion at GDC. It’s not a sequel, rather the game’s first stand-alone expansion.

Developer Ironclad has revealed some of the new features we can expect; first up are new factions in the form of Loyalists or Rebels, each granting news tech trees with extra ships. Speaking of ships, new units include Titan-class, Corvette-class, and Capital units. These range from huge, heavy fighters to slick, speedy vehicles that can dart around areas with ease.

You can also expect from extra gameplay, graphical and community tweaks that make the experience smoother. Victory conditions have been altered to allow for shorter games. Impluse::Reactor is also in making way for achievements, friend chat, and multiplayer leagues.

No word on exactly when we’ll see this add-on. No assets just yet either, except for the artwork above.