The Last Guardian creature is just like your dog, but with wings

The latest issue of Famitsu, Japan’s arbiter of all things gaming, has a four-page feature on Team Ico’s new ammunition for the games as art argument, The Last Guardian.

Though the actual gameplay remains a mystery, the article does detail some of the ways in which Trico (a.k.a. Toriko), the gigantic griffin-like creature, will develop an emotional attachment with the player-controlled character, namely by acting like a giant dog.

According to the magazine, Trico will quickly fall asleep when he gets bored, spit out food he doesn’t like, and react realistically to sounds as you work together to escape the creepy castle. Fingers crossed this will mean lots and lots of Trico cocking his head to the side, like he can really understand people talk, ’cause that sounds absolutely adorable!

Though not as detailed as his feather flocked companion, the boy protagonist will also react realistically to the crumbling environment,¬† naturally placing a steadying hand on a wall as he nears¬† and reaching out to pet Trico without any input from the player, a design decision calculated to better “show the feeling of existence for the characters.”