Infinity Blade bests Shadow Complex, but how?

Epic Games VP Mark Rein has revealed to Joystiq that their iDevice sword slinger, Infinity Blade, has been more successful than Shadow Complex, the XBLA exclusive from the same developer, Chair Entertainment.

The developer doesn’t like to give out direct sales figures and Rein didn’t specify if he was talking sale or revenue, so Joystiq put their thinking caps on. Given that 545,023 players are listed on Shadow Complex‘s leader boards, Infinity Blade would presumably have to be downloaded more times than that to beat it in sales.

In terms of revenue, Shadow Complex costs $15 on XBLA while Infinity Blade is $5.99, meaningĀ  it would have to be downloaded 1,362,557.5 times to beat Complex. Bit of a head scratcher, no?