Florence + the Machine lends musical magic to Dragon Age II soundtrack

Though it would be even more exciting if my favorite ginger-haired howler were actually appearing in Dragon Age 2, I’ll settle for Florence Welsh, the lungs behind Florence + the Machine, being on the game’s soundtrack.

“I’m very proud and touched and honored that [Florence + the Machine] tapped in and gave us the power behind the music,” said Dragon Age 2 composer Inon Zur in an interview with G4TV. The artist’s ethereal remix of I’m Not Calling You A Liar, already one of the less bombastic tracks on her Brit Award-winning debut album Lungs, is the perfect compliment to the sequel’s more personal, emotional story. Even if you don’t dig Florence + the Machine the way I do, you gotta admit it’s a thousand times more fitting, in terms of the game’s overall orchestral score, than 30 Seconds to Mars’ whiny wailing.

The song plays at the end of the Dragon Age 2 demo, but if you’re like me and want to use it as a calming musical balm until you get the game, it’s also available for download.