Game Informer details Saints Row: The Third

New information on Saints Row: The Third has been let loose after Game Informer announced the title a few days ago.

The story sees the Third Row Saints locked up after a failed-bank robbery. Crime group Syndicate offers the Saints freedom in exchange for payment. The Saints aren’t such big fans of this plan however, thus a fight breaks out… on a private jet. Five minutes later and you’ve landed and it’s off you go with the mayhem and explosions and death. Lovely.

On the gameplay side of things, there’s no multiplayer this time around but co-op missions have been kept in. You’ll be able to upgrade weapons with scopes and firepower as well as control RC cars that can bug other vehicles, giving you full control of them. Eventually you’ll be able to control tanks and air vehicles with this feature.

You’ll be able to rank up your character with respect, allowing for you to customise your character how you see fit.

And of course, Volition promise the same mind-numbing crazyness as seen in the last two titles. The Third launches this holiday season.