Nintendo not messing around with 3DS and pirated software

Japanese retailers have already been warned. Nintendo 3DS consumers are not to try to put any pirated or non-region material into their shiny new hardware. Any models detected as having been tainted with illegal software may be disabled by the big N.

Stores in Japan have in turn told customers that they will not be buying back any 3DS models that are customized with any shady software. According to G4, a warning sign put up by Japanese retailer Enterking roughly translates as: “In case if you use equipment which is illegal or unapproved by Nintendo or if you do customization which is unapproved by Nintendo, there is a possibility that Nintendo 3DS become non bootable by system update.”

The 3DS launches in Europe on March 25th and NA the 27th, so be wary. Similar terms are likely to be imposed elsewhere later this month.