PS Plus members get Cloud saves tomorrow

The PlayStation 3 is finally getting Cloud-based storage. Not only that, but gamers are getting it tomorrow, if they’re PlayStation Plus members that is.

Software update 3.60 will allow members to store their games saves online, and then access them from any other PS3 with their account. Most PS3 titles will support the feature at launch, and every game released going forward will do too.

Here’s how to go about it:

To back-up:
1. Select [Game] > [Save Data Utility].
2. Focus on the save data you wish to back up.
3. Open up the option menu using “triangle” and select [Copy].
4. Select [Online Storage] as the destination of back up.

To copy:
1. Select [Game] > [Save Data Utility] > [Online Storage].
2. Focus on the save data you wish to copy.
3. Open up an option menu using “triangle” and select [Copy].

There’s no word on when or even if the feature will become available to all PS3 owners. Nifty then, but is it really something that should be exclusive to Plus members?